AppleBell Radio EP002 – Stay Fit While Traveling

During the holiday season, most of us will travel or experience other deviations from our normal routine.  Our schedule is off, there are a bunch of additional commitments, and finding time to maintain our fitness can be very difficult.

In this episode, we explore the challenges of travel and how stay on track during the holiday (or any) season.  We cover a bunch of helpful tactics, like:

Setting realistic expectations – This isn’t a time to shoot for perfect. Rather than trying to making gains, focus on maintaining your fitness

Having a plan – Be sure to budget some time to get moving and do some exercise while you’re on the road.

Expressing your fitness through outdoor activities – Get out of the gym and doing some hiking, trail running, surfing, or skiing.

Trying new things – Check out a spin class, yoga, palates, or something that you don’t normally do at home.  You might like it, and meeting some new friends in the process. Don’t wait for the new year to re-boot.

You can maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season…and you’ll be poised to crush those New Year’s resolutions!

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