AppleBell Radio EP004 – Two Whole People

For this week’s episode, we go “deep in the paint” on one of our favorite topics – relationships.  How we can find, choose, support, and grow with our partner are probably life’s most challenging questions.  Over the years we’ve learned a great deal about the dynamics of good (and bad) relationships and how we set the conditions for a fulfilling partnership.

Jeni and I will share what has worked well (and not so well) in our relationship.  We also challenge some commonly held beliefs and conventional wisdom like:

  • Why you should stop your mystic quest for ‘The One’
  • Why Jerry Maguire’s ‘you complete me’ line is screwing you up
  • Why you should throw away your checklist for ‘Mr/Mrs Right’

Like all of you, we are a work in progress, as individuals and as a couple.  Our best advice is to make your relationship a priority.  Human connections are fluid and ever changing, but if we communicate openly and often, we can probably weather whatever life throws at us!

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