AppleBell Radio EP005 – Resolutions

It is that time again.  The hope of the new year is upon us.  For many, it is a chance for a fresh start – an opportunity to finally get it right.  As we prepare to welcome in 2017, most of us will make resolutions.  We may want to exercise more or eat better or quit smoking or make in any number of self-improvements.  On this episode, we cover everything you need to know about understanding your true goals, setting good targets, and most importantly – sticking with it.

Along with some other helpful tips, we cover 5 big things to consider:

1) First, take some time to reflect.  Before diving headlong into a new goal, it is well worth your time to think back on the previous year.  How’d you feel?  What went well?  Where’d you struggle?  It is important to take a breath and appreciate where you’re currently at.  We share some great thoughts on reflection in our blog post, Room to Grow.

2) Once you think you have a goal, ask yourself “why”?  Maybe ask twice.  You want to really understand why this particular goal or resolution is important.  What is the true need or desire that you’re going for?  You may want to lose 10 pounds, but why?  What are you hoping that will do for you?

3) Determine if your resolution is sustainable.  The vast majority of people won’t stick to their resolution for more than a month.  There are lots of reasons why, but the biggest culprit is choosing goals that just aren’t realistic in the long run.  As a general rule, don’t resolve to do anything that you can’t see yourself continuing for the next two years.

4) Respect the process.  What will it take to achieve this goal?  Take some time to really think about the steps along the path.  Rather than focusing solely on the end result, commit to the process.  This will give you short-term wins and keep you moving in the right direction.

5) Be careful about sharing your resolution.  Conventional wisdom tells us that sharing publicly will help keep us accountable, but some recent research suggests otherwise.  With the rise of social media, we can actually decrease the chances of achieving our goal after sharing it with friends.  As it turns out, the kudos we get for simply setting the goal provide a dopamine hit and make us feel like we’ve already done something…even though, we haven’t.

We hope that you’ve had a wonderful 2016 and are excited about the year to come. Best of luck with all of your New Year’s Resolutions!  If you’d like a little additional help, you can check out our blog post on How to Avoid Resolution Pitfalls

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