AppleBell Radio EP006 – How to take back, and own, your time

PRIORITIES…dun dun dun!  If I were to say, “You don’t lack time, you lack priorities”, whose voice would you hear?  Your parents?  Your high school coach?

This episode is all about priorities, and how we can use them to take back our time, own our decisions, and live our life with intention.  Our goal is for you to think of the word, “priority” with much less judgement and much more empowerment.

The truth is, we all have pretty well established priorities.  The way you spend your time and live your life is a reflect of them.  The problem is that many of us haven’t taken the time to examen our choices and understand why we make them.  In this discussion, we highlight strategies to become more mindful in how we set our priorities and live consistent within them.

Thinking hard about how we use our time and establishing clear priorities is a fantastic way to improve our quality of life and productivity.  Jeni has put together a really handy exercise to help you walk through the process.  If you’d like a copy of it, just send her a note at and she’ll get you one right away.

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