AppleBell Radio EP007 – Mindful Spending

We’ve recently realized that it is damn expensive just to be alive.  As individuals and as a family, we’d like to think that we’re pretty responsible with money.  We try to live within our means, avoid silly purchases, and save a few bucks for a rainy day.  We thought that we were doing it right…until we looked a little closer and discovered that we too, had been caught in the trap!

While we both have good jobs and we’re able to meet our monthly financial obligations, we’ve gotten to the point where those obligations are just too many.  It all happened so fast and expectedly.  We bought a little house, a basic car, had a baby and BOOM…next thing you know, we’ve got a long list of expenses that seem to be non-negotiable.  There’s the mortgage and car insurance and electric bill and daycare and on and on it goes.  We just felt stuck.

However, after taking a good look at our monthly obligations and spending, we did identify a number of ways to reduce our overhead.

On this episode, we help you think about not just how you spend, but how you think about spending.  We illuminate the common ways that many of us mindlessly spend.  We also shed light on some simple ways that you can be much more mindful about how you allocate your funds.  Bottom line: You have way more control over your finances than you might imagine.

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