AppleBell Radio EP015 – Why Tough Guys (and Gals) Need Yoga

For this week’s episode, we have a very special guest to help us explore all the reasons that tough guys, tough gals, and really all of us need more yoga.  Our friend, Ben Bunn shares his journey to finding, and eventually adopting, a regular yoga practice and what it has done for his physical and mental health.

We cover a ton of ground and dive into the various benefits of spending some dedicated time on the mat. Like many athletes, the three of us sought yoga as way to stretch, rehab injuries, and gain better range of motion.  However, we all quickly realized that the practice offers SO much more…like the ability to focus, slow down, and de-stress.

We had a lot of fun recording this episode and it definitely comes across.  We know you’ll enjoy it!  We really appreciate Ben for joining us on the show.  He’s a great Instagram follow, so check him out @coachbunny and @cigarcitycrossfit.

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