Why You Should Start NOW!

The first step is often the most difficult and important step we can take.  Though we’ve done our share of procrastinating, we have also grown to appreciate and enjoy the power of getting started.

Physics teaches us that objects at rest tend to stay at rest, while objects in motion tend to stay in motion.  It always takes more energy to GET something moving than to keep it moving.  Overcoming this ‘coefficient of friction’ is the key.  On this episode of AppleBell Radio, we dig into some tactics that will help you to stop waiting and start moving.

We are also excited to announce the we are officially taking clients for personal coaching.  Our individualized programs are high-touch and designed for your specific goals.  We’ll help you with a complete wellness program that addresses nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.  If you’re interested in learning more, just email us at: Jeni@applebellwellness.com to set up a quick exploratory call.

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